Thursday, March 08, 2007

Experiment Computer Networking using Netkit

Yesterday, a friend of mine, under the name of "Olyx", inform me about a cool networking tool called Netkit. At that time, he didn't give much information about it. He just gave me the information about Netkit.

After arrive home from a meeting, I read the Netkit introduction document. Finally, I figured-out that Netkit is a tool to create computer networking environment. Netkit is using User Mode Linux.

With Netkit we can setup and experiment with routers, switches, computers, etc. We can create a computer networking lab at low-cost and little effort. There is no more reason that you can't learn computer networking because of the price.

If you are interested in Netkit, just donwload the followings :
- Introduction slide
- Tutorial slide
- Netkit packages :
- Basic Topics slides (single host, two hosts, static routing)
- Application Level Topics slides (DNS and Email)

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