Friday, March 09, 2007

Hardware-based rootkit detection proven unreliable

From ZDNet :

For years, we've been convinced by companies like Komoku and BBN Technologies that hardware-based RAM acquisition is the most reliable and secure way to sniff out the presence of a sophisticated rootkit on a compromised machine.

Joanna Rutkowska, a security researcher at COSEINC Malware Labs, an elite hacker who specializes in offensive rootkit research, has found several ways to manipulate the results given to hardware-based solutions (PCI cards or FireWire bus).

At this year's Black Hat DC conference, Rutkowska demonstrated three different attacks against AMD64 based systems, showing how the image of volatile memory (RAM) can be made different from the real contents of the physical memory as seen by the CPU.
You can find out more about this from Rukowska's presentation slide.

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